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Continuous extrusion and cladding system

Continuous extrusion for flat wire and bus bar

It is rotary continuous extrusion technology to make copper flat wire and copper bus bar.The feeding copper rod should be clean without any oil or grease. With single size rod feeding, the machine could produce wide range of wires or bus bars by using related dies.
The copper flat wire after this process is soft that do not need annealing and could be used for the production of enameling wire, paper insulation wire or film& fiberglass insulation wire.
Different sizes of bus bar could be made with the machine easily and with long length. The bus bar could be in coil or cut to length on line.
The machine is easily operated without any heavy work or pollution.

Continuous extrusion for flat wire
Model TLJ250 TLJ300
Feeding rod dia. (mm) 8 12.5 or14.4 copper/ 9.5 aluminum
Max. width of product (mm) 14 40 or 50 copper/ 30 aluminum
Max. cross section area (sqmm) 60 200
Main motor (KW) 45 90/110
Continuous extrusion for bus bar
Model TLJ350 TLJ400 TLJ500 TLJ630
Feeding rod dia. (mm) 16 20 25 30
Max. width of product (mm) 80 170 240 320
Max. cross section area (sqmm) 600 2000 3800 6400
Productivity (kg/hour) 860 1300 2000 2800
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