Continuous Cladding Machinery

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Applying for aluminum cladding steel wire (ACS wire), Aluminum sheath for OPGW, communication cable,CATV,coaxial cable,etc.

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Continuous Cladding Machinery (2)


The principle of continuous cladding/sheathing is similar with that of continuous extrusion. Using tangential tooling arrangement, the extrusion wheel drives two rods into the cladding/sheathing chamber. Under the high temperature and pressure, the material either reaches the condition for metallurgical bonding and forms a metal protective layer to directly clad the metal wire core that enters the chamber (cladding), or is extruded through the space between mandrel and cavity die to form a metal sheath without contacting the wire core (sheathing). Double-wheel cladding/sheathing uses two extrusion wheels to provide four rods to clad/sheath large diameter wire core.

Model SLB 350 SLB400 SSLB500(Double wheels)
main motor power(kw) 200 400 -
feeding rod dia. (mm) 2*9.5 2*12 -
core wire dia. (mm) 3-7 3-7 -
line speed (m/min) 180 180 -
main motor power(kw) 160 250 600
feeding rod dia. (mm) 2*9.5 2*9.5/2*12 4*15
core wire dia. (mm) 4-28 8-46 50-160
sheath thickness (mm) 0.6-3 0.6-3 2-4
sheath outer dia. (mm) 6-30 20-50 60-180
line speed (m/min) 60 60 12

Continuous Cladding Machinery (1) Continuous Cladding Machinery (5)

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