Flux Cored Welding Wire Production Line

Short Description:

Our high performance flux cored welding wire production can make the standard wire products started from strip and ended directly at the final diameter. The high accuracy powder feeding system and reliable forming rollers can make the strip formed into specific shapes with required filling ratio. We also have rolling cassettes and die boxes during drawing process that optional for customers.

Product Detail

Product Tags

The line is composed by following machines

● Strip pay-off
● Strip surface cleaning unit
● Forming machine with powder feeding system
● Rough drawing and fine drawing machine
● Wire surface cleaning and oiling machine
● Spool take-up
● Layer rewinder

Main technical specifications

Steel strip material

Low carbon steel, stainless steel

Steel strip width


Steel tape thickness


Feeding speed


Flux filling accuracy


Final drawn wire size

1.0-1.6mm or as customer required

Drawing line speed

Max. 20m/s

Motor/PLC/Electrical elements


Pneumatic parts/Bearings


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