Paper Taping Machine and Insulating Machine

  • Horizontal Taping Machine-Single Conductor

    Horizontal Taping Machine-Single Conductor

    Horizontal taping machine is used to make insulating conductors. This machine is suitable for tapes made of different materials, such as paper, polyester, NOMEX and mica. With years of experience on horizontal taping machine design and manufacturing, we developed the latest tapping machine with characters of high quality and high rotating speed up to 1000 rpm.

  • Combined Taping Machine – Multi Conductors

    Combined Taping Machine – Multi Conductors

    Combined taping machine for multi-conductors is our continuous development on horizontal taping machine for single conductor. 2,3 or 4 taping units could be customized in one combined cabinet. Each conductor simultaneously goes through taping unit and is taped respectively in the combined cabinet, then the taped conductors are gathered and taped to be one combined conductor.

  • Fiber Glass Insulating Machine

    Fiber Glass Insulating Machine

    The machine is designed to produce fiberglass insulating conductors. Fiber glass yarns are winded to conductor firstly and insulating varnish is applied subsequently, then the conductor will be solidly combined by radiant oven heating. The design complies with market requirements and adopts our long-lasting experience in the field of fiberglass insulating machine.

  • PI Film/Kapton® Taping Machine

    PI Film/Kapton® Taping Machine

    Kapton® taping machine is designed specially to insulate round or flat conductors by applying Kapton® tape. Combination of taping conductors with thermal sintering process by heating the conductor from inside (IGBT induction heating) as well as from outside (Radiant oven heating), so that the good and consistent product will be made.