Welding Wire Drawing & Coppering Line

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The line is mainly composed of steel wire surface cleaning machines, drawing machines and copper coating machine. Both chemical and electro type coppering tank can be supplied indicated by customers. We have single wire coppering line inlined with drawing machine for higher running speed and also have independent traditional multi wires copper plating line.

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The line is composed by following machines

● Horizontal or vertical type coil pay-off
● Mechanical descaler & Sand belt descaler
● Water rinsing unit & Electrolytic pickling unit
● Borax coating unit & Drying unit
● 1st Rough dry drawing machine
● 2nd Fine dry drawing machine

● Triple recycled water rinsing & pickling unit
● Copper coating unit
● Skin pass machine
● Spool type take-up
● Layer rewinder

Main technical specifications


Typical Specification

Inlet wire material

Low carbon steel wire rod

Steel wire diameter(mm)


1st Dry drawing process

From 5.5/6.5mm to 2.0mm

Drawing block No.: 7

Motor power: 30KW

Drawing speed: 15m/s

2st Dry drawing process

From 2.0mm to final 0.8mm

Drawing block No.: 8

Motor power: 15Kw

Drawing speed: 20m/s

Coppering unit

Only chemical coating type or combined with electrolytic coppering type

Welding Wire Drawing & Coppering Line
Welding Wire Drawing & Coppering Line

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