Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

Short Description:

Single block drawing machine that capable for high/medium/low carbon steel wire up to 25mm. It combines wire drawing and take-up functions in one machine but driven by the independent motors.

Product Detail

Product Tags

●High efficiency water cooled capstan & drawing die
●HMI for easy operation and monitoring
●Water cooling for capstan and drawing die
●Single or double dies / Normal or pressure dies

Block diameter

DL 600

DL 900

DL 1000

DL 1200

Inlet wire material

High/Medium/Low carbon steel wire; Stainless wire, Spring wire

Inlet wire Dia.





Drawing speed

According to the d

Motor power

(For reference)





Main bearings

International NSK, SKF bearings or customer required

 Block cooling type

Water flow cooling

Die cooling type

Water cooling

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