Steel Wire Drawing Line

  • Dry Steel Wire Drawing Machine

    Dry Steel Wire Drawing Machine

    Dry, straight type steel wire drawing machine can be used for drawing various kind of steel wires, with capstan sizes starting at 200mm up to 1200mm in diameter. The machine has sturdy body with low noise and vibration and can be combined with spoolers, coilers that according to customer’s requirements.

  • Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

    Inverted Vertical Drawing Machine

    Single block drawing machine that capable for high/medium/low carbon steel wire up to 25mm. It combines wire drawing and take-up functions in one machine but driven by the independent motors.

  • Wet steel wire drawing machine

    Wet steel wire drawing machine

    The wet drawing machine has a swivel transmission assembly with cones immersed in the drawing lubricant during machine running. The new designed swivel system can be motorized and will be easy for wire threading. The machine is capable of high/medium/low carbon and stainless steel wires.

  • Steel Wire Drawing Machine-Auxiliary Machines

    Steel Wire Drawing Machine-Auxiliary Machines

    We could supply various auxiliary machines used on steel wire drawing line. It is crucial to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the wire in order to make higher drawing efficiency and produce higher quality wires, we have mechanical type and chemical type surface cleaning system that suitable for different kinds of steel wires. Also, there are pointing machines and butt welding machines that are necessary during the wire drawing process.