Steel Wire Electro Galvanizing Line

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Spool pay-off—–Closed type pickling tank—– Water rinsing tank—– Activation tank—-Electro galvanizing unit—–Saponfication tank—–Drying tank—–Take-up unit

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We offer both hot dip type galvanizing line and also electro type galvanizing line that specialized for smaller zinc coated thickness steel wires used on various applications. The line is suitable for high/medium/low carbon steel wires from 1.6mm up to 8.0mm. We have high efficiency surface treatment tanks for wire cleaning and PP material galvanizing tank with better wear resistance. The final electro galvanized wire can be collected on the spools and baskets that according to customer requirements. (1) Pay-offs: Both spool type pay-off and coil type pay-off will be equipped with straightener, tension controller and wire disordered detector to have smoothly wire decoiling. (2) Wire surface treatment tanks: There are fumeless acid pickling tank, degreasing tank, water cleaning tank and activation tank that used for cleaning the wire surface. For low carbon wires, we have the annealing furnace with gas heating or electro heating. (3) Electro galvanizing tank: We use the PP plate as frame and Ti plate for wire galvanizing. The processing solution can be circulated that easy for maintenance. (4) Drying tank: The whole frame is welded by stainless steel and the liner uses fiber cotton to control the inner temperature between 100 to 150℃. (5) Take-ups: Both spool take-up and coil take-up can be used for different sizes galvanized wires. We have supplied hundreds of galvanizing lines to domestic customers and also exported our whole lines to Indonesia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka.

Main features

1. Applicable for high/medium/low carbon steel wire;
2. Better wire coating concentricity;
3. Lower power consumption;
4. Better control of coating weight and consistency;

Main technical specification



Wire diameter


Coating weight


Wire numbers

24 wires (Can be required by customer)

DV value



Lead sheet or Titanuim polar plate

Steel Wire Electro Galvanizing Line (3)

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