Copper continuous casting and rolling line—copper CCR line

Short Description:

-Five wheels casting machine with caster diameter of 2100mm or 1900mm and casting cross section area of 2300 sqmm
-2-Roll rolling process for the rough rolling and 3-Roll rolling process for the final rolling
-Rolling emulsion system, gear lubricating system, cooling system and other accessary equipments designed to work with the caster and rolling mill
-PLC program controlled operation from the caster to final coiler
-Coiling shape in orbital type programed; compact final coil obtained by hydraulic pressing device

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Raw material and furnace

By using vertical melting furnace and titled holding furnace, you can feed copper cathode as the raw material and then produce copper rod with the highest constant quality and continuous&high production rate.
By using reverberatory furnace, you can feed 100% copper scrap in various quality and purity. The furnace standard capacity is 40, 60, 80 and 100 tons loading per shift/day. The furnace is developed with:
-Increased thermal efficiency
-Long working life
-Easier slagging and refining
-Controlled final chemistry of the molten copper
-Brief Process Flow:
Casting machine to get casted bar → roller shearer → straightener → deburring unit → feed-in unit → rolling mill → cooling → coiler


Main characteristics

Copper continuous casting and rolling technology is widely used for copper rod production in high rate with the most economical way.
Equipped with different type of furnaces, the plant can be fed with copper cathode or 100% copper scrap to make ETP (Electrolytic tough pitch) or FRHC (Fire refined high conductivity) rods with the quality exceeding referenced standard.
The FRHC rod production is the most attractive solution word wide for evergreen copper recycling production along with the highest economic value.
Based on the furnace type and capacity, the line could have the yearly production capacity from 12,000 tons to 60,000 tons.


The technical service for this system is critical for the client. Besides the machine itself, we give technical service for the machine installation, running, training and daily maintain support.
With years of experience, we are capable to run the machine well with our customers to have their best economical benefit.


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