Aluminum Continuous Casting And Rolling Line—Aluminum Rod CCR Line

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Aluminum continuous casting and rolling line works to produce pure aluminum, 3000 series, 6000 series and 8000 series aluminum alloy rods in 9.5mm, 12mm and 15mm diameters.

The system is designed and supplied according to the processing material and related capacity.
The plant is composed of one set of four -wheel casting machine, drive unit, roller shearer, straightener and multi-frequency induction heater, rolling mill, rolling mill lubrication system, rolling mill emulsion system, rod cooling systems, coiler, and electrical control system.

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Brief Process Flow

Casting machine to get cast bar → roller shearer → straightener → multi-frequency induction heater → feed-in unit → rolling mill → cooling → coiling


With years of machine improvement, our supplied machine is along with the service as:
-high energy saving furnace with controlled molten quality
-high productivity and efficiency
-easy operation and maintain
-consistent rod quality
-technical support from machine startup to daily machine running


The technical service for this system is critical for the client. Besides the machine itself, we give technical service for the machine installation, running, training and daily maintain support.
With years of experience, we are capable to run the machine well with our customers to have their best ecnomical benefit.


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