Steel Wire Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

Short Description:

The galvanizing line could handle the low carbon steel wires with additonal annealing furnace or high carbon steel wires without heat treatment. We have both PAD wipe system and full-auto N2 wipe system to produce different coating weight galvanized wire products.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Galvanized wire products

● Low carbon bedding spring wire
● ACSR (Aluminum conductor steel reinforced)
● Armoring cables
● Razor wires
● Baling wires
● Some general purpose galvanized strand
● Galvanized wire mesh & fence

 Main features

● High efficiency heating unit and insulation
● Matal or ceramic pot for zinc
● Immersion type burners with full-auto N2 wiping system
● Fumes energy reused on the dryer and zinc pan
● Networked PLC control system



Inlet wire material

Low carbon &High carbon alloy and non-alloy galvanized wire

Steel wire diameter(mm)


Number of steel wires

12-40 (As customer required)

Line DV value

≤150 (Depend on product)

Temperature of liquid zinc in zinc pot(℃)


Zinc pot

Steel pot or ceramic pot

Wiping method

PAD, Nitrogen, Charcoal

Steel Wire Electro Galvanizing Line (3)

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