6000 tons Up-casting machine for oxygen-free copper rod line

6000 tons Up-casting machine f1

This Up-casting continuous casting system is used to produce bright and long oxygen free copper rod with capacity 6000tons per year. This system is with characters of high quality product, low investment, easy operation, low running cost, flexible in changing production size and no pollution to environment.

The system melts the whole piece of cathode into liquid by the induction furnace. The copper solution covered with charcoal is controlled temperature to 1150℃±10℃ and crystallized fast by the freezer of continuous casting machine. Then we can get the oxygen free copper rod which pass the frame of guide pulley, caging device and taken up by the double-head wind machine.

The induction furnace consists of furnace body, furnace frame and inductor. The outside of the furnace body is steel structure and the inside consist of fire-clay brick and quartz sand. The function of the furnace frame is supporting the whole furnace. The furnace is fixed on the base by the foot screw. The inductor is made up of coil, water jacket, iron core, copper ring.After setting up an electric circuit, the copper cathode will be melted to liquid by electromagnetic induction.

6000 tons Up-casting machine f2

The continuous casting machine is the main part of the up-casting system. The drawing mechanism is made up of A.C. servo motor, groups of drawing rollers and so on. It can draw up the copper rod continuous by the drawing rollers.The crystallizers have special water system to supply water in and out, it can cool the copper liquid into copper rod by heat exchange.

6000 tons Up-casting machine f3

Double-head wind machine is used to take up the copper rod to coil for using in the next process. The double-head wind machine is made up of the drawing rollers, revolving chassis and spooling take-up unit, and so on. Every double-head wind machine can take-up two copper rods.

6000 tons Up-casting machine f4

Post time: Dec-20-2022