Introduction to the scope of application and process keys of wire extrusion machine

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Wire extrusion machine product scope of application: Now has been in construction, reinforced concrete structure construction, high-rise frame building, ordinary roads, highways, ordinary railroads, high-speed railroads, tunnels, bridges, airport construction, flood control dikes and weirs, seismic and earthquake resistant buildings, marine breakwater dikes and weirs, etc.

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Wire extrusion machine process.
1、Insert the steel bar into the sleeve, so that the end face of the steel sleeve is aligned with the line of the orientation symbol of the steel bar.

2, in accordance with the indentation orientation symbol, the orientation of the compression die, and make the direction of movement of the die and the plane in which the two longitudinal ribs are located straight, to ensure that the crimping surface can be in the cross-rib of the reinforcement.

3, crimping using pre-crimp half of the rebar joints, and then lifting to the work site to complete the other half of the rebar joints, so as to reduce the difficulty of overhead work, speed up the construction speed.

Construction to correctly grasp the three parameters of the extrusion process, the number of crimping: it is directly related to the quality of the joint and the speed of construction, but also in accordance with the relevant provisions; reinforcing steel mechanical connection refers to the mechanical bite effect of the connection or the pressure effect of the end face of the bar, the force in a bar to another bar connection method. Extruder wire machine is the two bars to be connected the steel sleeve is pierced into the steel sleeve, and the steel sleeve is squeezed along the radial direction by the cold extrusion machine pliers of the construction steel bar, so that plastic deformation occurs.

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Relying on the deformation of the steel sleeve and the connected steel longitudinal and transverse ribs occur mechanical bite into the whole of the steel connection method. Crimping order: to crimp from the middle to the ends one by one; crimping force: the size of the crimping force to the steel sleeve and the reinforcement is tightly fastened, according to the relevant provisions.

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