Upward Continuous Casting Machine for Producing Oxygen Free Copper Rod

Oxygen Free Copper Rod1

It is known as “Upcast” technology for producing oxygen free copper rod. With over 20 years experiences on design and operation, our upward continuous casting machine could be easily installed and operated. High quality of copper rod could be produced from the machine. It has flexible production depend on the orders.

Compared with the traditional continuous casting and rolling copper rod production line. Upward continuous casting machine has realized a small investment and flexible output (2000-15000 tons annual output). It is suitable for producing high-quality oxygen-free copper rods; without grease on the surface of copper rod, and the cooper can be used for subsequent copper bar rolling and wire drawing, etc.

Oxygen Free Copper Rod2

Composition of our Upward Continuous Casting Machine

1, Induction furnace

The induction furnace consists of furnace body, furnace frame and inductor. The outside of the furnace body is steel structure and the inside consist of fire-clay brick and quartz sand. The function of the furnace frame is supporting the whole furnace. The furnace is fixed on the base by the foot screw. The inductor is made up of coil, water jacket, iron core and copper-ring. There are coils with water-jacket at the high voltage side. The voltage is adjustable step by step from 90V to 420V.There are short-circuit copper rings at the low-voltage side. After set up an electric circuit, it can emerge big current flow in the copper ring with the electromagnetic induction. The big current flow can melt the copper ring and electrolytic copper putted into the furnace. The water jacket and coil are cooled by the water. Continuous casting machine

Oxygen Free Copper Rod3

2, Continuous casting machine

The continuous casting machine is the main part of the system. It is consisting of drawing mechanism, following mechanism of liquid level and freezer. The drawing mechanism is made up of A.C. servo motor, groups of drawing rollers and so on. It can produce 0-1000 times interval rotation per minute and draw up the copper rod continuous by the drawing rollers. The following mechanism of liquid level guarantees that the deep of the freezer inserting into the copper liquid is relative stable. The freezer can cool the copper liquid into copper rod by heat exchange. Every freezer can be changed and controlled alone.

Oxygen Free Copper Rod4

3, Frame of guide pulley

The frame of guide pulley is installed above the continuous casting machine. It consists of platform, support, vertical guide pulley and cylinder. It can lead the copper rod to each double-head wind machine without disturbance.

4, Caging device

The caging device is two devices installed between the frame of guide pulley and double-head wind machine. It is fitted with 4 groups of 24V up and down spacing which can control the speed of double-head wind machine by the electrical signal produced by the copper rod touching the up or down spacing.

5, Double-head wind machine

The double-head wind machine is made up of the drawing rollers, revolving chassis and spooling take-up unit. Every double-head wind machine can take-up two copper rods.

Oxygen Free Copper Rod5

6, Cooling-water system

The cooling water system is a cycling system. It can supply 0.2-0.4Mpa cooling water for freezer, water jacket and coil. It consists of 100m3 water pool, water pump, tube and cooling water tower. The temperature of water supplied to the system is 25℃-30℃ and the quantity of water flow is 20 m3/h.

7, Electrical system

The electrical system is consisting of electrical power and control system. The electrical power system supplies the energy to every inductor through the power cabinets. The control system control the combined furnace, main–machine, double head wind machine and cooling water system pledging them to work in order. The control system of combined furnace consists of melting furnace system and holding furnace system. The melting furnace operation cabinet and holding furnace operation cabinet are installed near the system.


Post time: Nov-14-2022